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“Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war.”
Proverbs 20:18

Take a Solid “Next Step”

Whether you thought of your invention yesterday, or have been working on it for a long time, investing some time in formulating solid protection and monetization strategies can have a bigger impact on your short-term and long-term growth than anything else you can do.

“Aggressive execution distinguishes million-dollar ideas from million-dollar realities.”
Dan Weglarz, Esq.
Patent attorney, Long Island, NY
Are you a local inventor and need to speak with a patent attorney in Long Island about figuring out your next steps?

Well you can sit down with me personally, Dan Weglarz, Long Island patent attorney, for an IP Strategy Session by phone, video conference, or at my office to create a powerful, cost-effective plan of attack.

Assemble a Small, Powerful Army

Successful inventors who have made it big can tell you that your success will largely depend on bringing together the right team so you can leverage other peoples' know-how for fast growth. Battles are won by armies that work together seamlessly.  Attempting to monetize your idea without the proper patent counseling can bring defeat before your start.

Whether your invention business will be a part-time side business, or your "all-in, success-is-the-only-option" full-time job of your dreams, you can't afford to waste time and resources that could be spent much more productively. Even if you’re currently a one-person army, you owe it to yourself to recruit the help of a local patent attorney in Long Island to secure your intellectual property…it can make all the difference.

Trap For Unwary Inventors

You may be trying to figure out your next step, or your very first step. If your questions touch on legal issues in any way, getting accurate answers without the help of a patent attorney can be difficult, time-consuming, and even dangerous to your business.

“A million-dollar idea isn’t worth a penny if it’s not properly leveraged.”
Dan Weglarz, Esq.
Patent attorney, Long Island, NY
There are plenty of self-proclaimed “invention gurus” who are all too happy to share their two cents about patent law even though they never went to law school and don’t have an “Esq.” after their name. And Internet search engines are infamous for returning multiple opposing answers for every question you give them.

Relying on such sources for legal advice can kill your business before it gets off the ground. And trying to build your invention business without the sound advice of a patent attorney can paralyze you with unknowns until your passion for progress dies. Instead of spinning your wheels, you can chat with a patent attorney in Long Island and make some real progress!

No Second Chance, Unfortunately

Unlike many other businesses, where mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money to fix, businesses based on intellectual property (e.g., invention businesses) often leave no opportunity to fix mistakes.  Inadequate intellectual property strategy and protection can destroy your business and leave no hope of reviving it.

Once your invention idea makes it's way into the public domain or the hands of a competitor, there's practically no chance of reclaiming it for yourself.  There simply may be nothing a patent attorney can do to reverse your actions. Long Island patent attorney Dan Weglarz can help you get it done right the first time.

The Stakes

Everyday, inventors make millions of dollars on invention ideas.  But those ideas can only be transformed into their financial counterpart through proper intellectual property strategy and protection.

A million-dollar idea isn’t worth a penny if it’s not properly leveraged. Is it worth risking your million-dollar idea? Failing to seek out effective legal strategies just isn’t an option, considering what's at stake. Your intellectual property is something not worth risking.

A Long Island Patent Attorney At Your Fingertips...Literally!

Can't (or don't feel like) visiting a patent attorney in Long Island?  Now you can get your IP Strategy Session "on demand" with phone or video conferencing!  That's right...we enable you to "visit" a Long Island patent attorney without even leaving your home or office.

You have access to "big city" expertise without the "big city" prices or commute, thanks to our local Long Island patent attorneys. Leveraging available technology to provide maximum convenience and “ease of use” is one of our core values (more here).

Get a Head Start to Maximize Your IP Strategy Session

To help you to get the very most out of your IP Strategy Session, I included on this website a solid explanation of some of the key concepts and questions that inventors often ask patent attorneys in initial meetings. Unlike many other patent attorneys, I prefer not to charge a legal fee for explaining these fundamentals during an attorney-client meeting. Why?

“Monetizing ideas has never been easier.”
Dan Weglarz, Esq.
Patent attorney, Long Island, NY
It’s just not an efficient use of time – mine or yours. Since I’m a patent attorney – not a law school professor – I prefer not to make my living explaining textbook patent law over and over again. It is much more interesting to me – and much more valuable to you – to focus on how the patent law applies to your business, and how we can create immediate value and long-term growth for your business.

Approaching your first IP Strategy Session with a basic grasp on some of the patent law fundamentals allows us to maximize our productivity and create the most value in your business with circumstance-specific patent attorney counseling.

Don’t Stress…Start From Where You Are

Of course, even the patent law fundamentals often get pretty confusing. Patent law is known by attorneys and courts to be possibly the single most complex field of law there is! Being able to sit down with a local patent attorney in Long Island and discuss how your business goals fit into all this patent law can be very useful in getting to the next stage of your business.

“Be legendary...the world is yours to change.”
Dan Weglarz, Esq.
Patent attorney, Long Island, NY
We will start our conversation wherever you’re comfortable in light of your current (if any) understanding of patent law and intellectual property. No need to do any homework before your IP Strategy Session!

Regardless of whether you're already well educated in intellectual property and patent law, or are completely new to all of this and just need some guidance on how to begin, we can have a productive IP Strategy Session that will get you one step closer to monetizing your idea!


Simply click below to schedule your Strategy Session, and you'll receive effective, actionable, and circumstance-specific advice at your fingertips.  The $350 fee for this service is waived for first-time Strategy Sessions.


Invention protection and monetization strategies with Daniel Weglarz, Esq., patent attorney, Long Island, NY.

“All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich